The inside story of the Giants 2020 AFLW season


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Praise for Never Surrender

"Written with sustained intensity and a thorough knowledge of its subject, "Never Surrender" articulates the new expression of a famous old game that is AFLW".

Martin Flanagan, Journalist and author

An impressive ethnography of the 2020 season, told with brutal honesty and compassion. One of my favourite footy publications from this year.

Rob Hess, Victoria University

"Seriously, go and get this book now. Such an insightful exploration of not just a football club but the competition, women’s sport and the broader social/political environment. The kind of book I’ve been waiting for. Absolutely loved it."

Lucy Race, The Outer Sanctum podcast

"(An) original and admirable book, which is about football and equality and many other good things, told with restrained power."

Russell Jackson, ABC

"Deftly and subtly and sometimes not even a little bit subtly, addresses the challenges faced by women in sport. The obstacles and the stress and the uncertainty and the hard work just to get to the starting line, let alone any further."

Kirby Fenwick, Siren Sport

 “I encourage anyone involved in women’s sport whether as a parent, supporter, sponsor, coach or administrator to read this book. It can be read as a great ‘behind the scenes’ sports book but the truth is, it actually goes beyond footy. It gave me a better understanding of how our firm can best support female athletes and deeper understanding of the special nature of female teams in both the corporate and sport worlds. The stories and insights about a dedicated coaching staff and playing group, will make me a better CEO for the women of Workplace Law.”

Shane Koelmeyer CEO, Workplace Law

"This isn’t about winning, this is about showing people that we’re not who they think we are."

Alan McConnell, Coach

"I don’t care about the people who have negative stuff to say. I’m not interested in them because they’re not the ones who watch the game. I want to entertain the people who show up in the rain, the people who watch on the TV or the people who stream it through their laptop onto their TV and then have to keep fighting their WiFi to watch the game."

Jessica Dal Pos #7

I could have worked anywhere but I made a conscious choice to work in women’s sport. People assume it’s a stepping-stone. I find that offensive. It’s a privilege to work with these women, to be trusted by them".

Briana Harvey, Head of AFL